Dr. Türk-Espitalier is the author and co-author of numerous books and articles about musicphysiology, physiotherapy for musicians and prevention of playing-related disorders.

Her work is characterized by a practical approach, which means, that all exercises descibed in her books can be immediately performed by the reader at home.



Alexandra Türk-Espitalier's most popular work is „Musicians in Motion. 100 exercises with and without instrument“.

In Europe, the english edition is available at 


In the U.S., the distributor is https://www.jwpepper.com/Musicians-in-Motion/10950138.item#/submit


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Books and articles in english

Musical quality as an assessment criterion in exercise therapy and physiotherapeutic treatment für musicians. 2017. MusicPhysio Conference, Review Book, LIT Verlag, Wien/Zürich.

Balancing evidence-based practice and clinical experience when choosing physiotherapeutic interventions for musicians. 2017. MusicPhysio Conference, Review Book, LIT Verlag, Wien/Zürich.

Musicians in Motion. 100 Exercises with and without Instrument. 2016. Zimmermann, Frankfurt.

Pedal Activity at the Piano: A Possible Reason for a Twisted Pelvis? 12/2007. Vol. 22, No. 4. Medical Problems of Performing Artists. Science and Medicine, Inc.


A full list of all publications is available at www.musik-physio.de/buecher.html