Alexandra Türk-Espitalier, PhD, MSc, Dipl. mus., Dipl. mus. päd.

is a professional flutist and physiotherapist and holds degrees in flute performance, music pedagogy, physiotherapy (MSc "with distinction") and systematic musicology (PhD "with distinction"). She is a senior lecturer at the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw) (Austria) and the Frankfurt University for Music and Performing Arts (Germany).

In teaching and research she focuses on the treatment and prevention of playing-related musculoskeletal injuries, the enhancement of musical performance through physical training and on the development of breathing exercises for wind players.

Dr. Türk-Espitalier is the author and co-author of many publications on prevention and exercises, training and practice schedules for musicians. She presents her work to orchestras and music organizations, lectures at masterclasses and works closely together with internationally known musicians and researchers.